“Blueberries are a small package with big benefits, packing a powerful burst of flavor and healthy rewards.  Their sweet taste and simple versatility bring out the best in everything, transforming ordinary foods into an extraordinary experience. Offering blueberries to your family and guests completes your well-planned healthy and gracious meals.”

North Carolina Blueberry Council, Inc.


Depending on variety, blueberry bushes typically bear fruit from May through August.  This is known as “blueberry season” in North Carolina. 140 grams of fresh blueberries contain 3g of fiber and ... read more

Blueberry Nutrition

Blueberry Plants for Sale!

Some of those “home improvement” and big-box stores will sell you an unidentified blueberry plant variety, but we provide secrets to growing blueberry plants successfully with information from ... read more

Cashwell Blueberry Farm & Nursery, LLC is a State Certified Blueberry Farm and Nursery, located in Garland, North Carolina.  Our blueberry plants ... read more


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